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RP Site OC: Myself (Rafael Tristan) by AcemasterPublishing
RP Site OC: Myself (Rafael Tristan)
Another self portrait done for my friend's RP Site I am an Energy Mage
UG 11 OC Concept: Superdude by AcemasterPublishing
UG 11 OC Concept: Superdude
You all shoild know Superdude by now....this is his concept for hthe novle
Ug11 Oc Concept:Lust by AcemasterPublishing
Ug11 Oc Concept:Lust
This is onother concept for my new novle
In the novle there is a street gang known as the Seven Deadly Sins and Alme Sanchéz known as Lust is one of 7 Kingpins
These are most of the OC Charaters that I have created over a period of years beyond my start on sites such as DA, YouTube, NicoNicoDouga, etc.

The big name OCs:
(They are worth describing in detail.)

Superdude Shigane:
One of the OCs I can call my pure creation. Superdude was first introduced in one of my graphic novels "The Ultimate Game" at his character age of 16 (he is 19 now). Since the novel's lifespan (it is still going on) So did my attachment to Suprdude and as it grew his character development expanded beyond the novel and progresed as a cameo in my other novels or short stories, to becoming my mascot to the Acemaster name, to even being a voice library to a popular singing-synth software UTAU. It won't be long before he becomes a household name for others as well.
(From The Ultimate Game)
Superdude Shigane is the child of a tyranical father of a crime organization. And a missing mother (still unknown of her wearabouts). He walks the inner reaches of my subconsious until he finds me as our paths crossed in a dream. He claims to be my inner-dream walker. He said he has no memory of his mother's and his sisters' disapearence (as she took his older sisters Nolo and Niña with her.) Superdude now rides with the dynamic duo in hope to find some answers.
List of apearences:
The Ultimate Game (1-10)
Several cameos
UTAU Voicebank

Yea I claim myself as an OC for The Ultimate Game. I am the protagonist of the series. Paired with coffee buddy Brie Hamilton (The badass co-writer). I make a story in which I put myself in everyday sittuations In life when the novel's storyline starts my 8th grade year of middle school In where my naïvite is at it's strongest. I was prone to being bullied alot. And one guy nearly sent me over the edge. Since back then I didn't use violence to solve my problems (I still don't) so I wrote things to blow off some steam. Which resulted in the start of The Ultimate Game.
The 13 year old Rafael Tristan (I'm 16) was prone to bullying his entire 2nd grade-now (8th grade at the time) One guy in particular sent him(me) over the edge. In where I was too naïve to fend for myself along came her.....after that he was put in a dream in where a figure named Life's Reset Button (named after the song by KEMU) has him sign a contract to where he (I) must train him(my)self to solve his (my) own problems in a world called the World of Imagination. He meets alot of other people (the live cast) as he cretes bonds with them and learn their inner stories along with his own.
The Ultimate Game Series (1-10)

List of other OCs:
X (Self titled series)**
Seven (Blaze X)**
Max (The Legend of Masters)*
Jet (The Ultimate Game)
Chad (self titled series)*
Chaz (Godfather)*
Iori (Soul Homeroom)
Sam (Existance)
Vincent (Otaku High)*
Ryan (Pocky Red)*

Liz (Existance)
Lust (new Ultimate Game novel)
Stacy (The Legend of Masters)*
Kim (Melissa)*
Meiko (Otaku High)*
Yumma (Pocky Red)*
Nannako (The Perfect World)*

(*)=Defunct Series
(**) Finished Series
These are the ones that I can remember right now^-^


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